‘Adenda’ is derived from the Latin ad’den-da which means 'addition'. This is exactly what Adenda wants to be. An addition to strengthen the commercial part of your business organization in the fullest sense of the word.

In a time of rapidly changing market conditions success of companies heavily depends on the quality of its staff and marketing concepts. With the support of Adenda as a specialist with experience, you can count on vision and connecting concepts to keep your business ‘up to date '.

Adenda works in accordance with a proven and successful process. In close cooperation with the client, the needs and the method to achieve these will be determined. These will be selected from the so-called 'Toolbox' of possibilities.   

The primary responsibility is to achieve success for your company.  Only if the result is a mirror image of the original needs, we speak about success.

With a passion for commerce, strategy, coaching and culture, we bring in close partnership with the management, companies and participants in our programs in a strengthened market position.

The carefully matched products are developed to make every aspect that contributes to commercial success is covered. The emphasis is focussed on management and the executing staff, because modern marketing strategy is complex ..... but always peoples work!

"Involvement as thought we are part of your organization is our strength.
Bring your business forward our goal ".