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Adenda is able to help you make a success of your foreign adventure. What are the opportunities, how do you handle it, what are the pitfalls and what resources are available to help you?

Adenda has an extensive knowledge and experience in International Business Connecting. This enables us to find the best export partner, making exporting for you from the first day a success. 
International Business Connecting has its own logo to emphasize that this is a very special Adenda activity. The foundation for this is that we feel a big responsibility to find the perfect export partner for your company.

Our specialty is partnering to Denmark, Norway and Sweden, because the business culture in these countries is the most similar to the Dutch model. Besides we can offer full support in Finland and the Baltic states to search and find the right export partner. In all these countries we work with specialist who, in their own language and with knowledge of the business culture of the country, carry out the first orientations and analysis.

Since 2015 this activity is also open for Danish companies who are interested in a representation in the Netherlands.

One thing is certain. Exporting boosts your organization in quality and prestige. It will develop your organization, your employees and your turnover! And you’ll see that once started exporting, your world will look very different.

Adenda is able to advise you in determining the right type of representation. A distributor, agent, importer or own branch office. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. A professional analysis leads to the right type of export identity.
We also analyze which country fits best to your business or product, to make the success rate as high as possible. An international competition and market analysis will provide insight in the 'opportunity' there is to export successfully.

Adenda offers beside a unique service. After the actual link between you and your new partner, you will receive mentoring to help starting the export process. This is essential, because after linking the start of the commercial processes, to make the connection to a success, must be activate. This sensitive period requires much attention and guidance so the investment done, will give quick returns in revenue.
Adenda is able to assist and advice you in in developing the right marketing support tools.
The process to find your new export partner will be maximum customized. Below you see the different steps to make as a guide line*:
  • Create the to find partner profile based on your company profile, products, type of representation you wish and the country to export.
  • Preparing presentation material.
  • Research, in the future export market, by our Senior Market Connector.
  • Feedback to the Project Manager, process fine-tuning and / or first selection.
  • Informing / interviewing the selected group by the Senior Market Connector.
  • Feedback and selection of the best potential export partners.
  • Creating the visiting program.
  • Visits the best potential partners by You and the Project Manager of Adenda.
  • Final choice of your new export partner, by You.
  • Invitation of the new export partner to your company, or a second visit, to formalize the cooperation, product and sales information, etc.
  • Mentoring the starting period of the cooperation by Adenda.

Finding a new partner is very time intensive. Making the right choice from the start is essential. Specialists work!

* In our offer the process will be detailed described for every step.